Answers to many of the more commonly asked questions about BDC and our services can be found below. For more information please contact us.

Who are your typical clients?
Past clients are largely research labs affiliated with universities or hospital systems, although high net worth individuals who own patented technologies have also sought BDC's services. Client references are available for qualified interested parties.

What are some of the past accomplishments of Breakthrough Development Company?
Breakthrough was founded in 1998 by Jim Timmins. Over the last ten years the company has serviced about 30 clients and completed 100 independent projects. Since Breakthrough focuses only on start-ups at the breakthrough stage, success is measured by the advancement of the company to a viable entity. Many past clients have been acquired or now have professional management teams in place. Under certain circumstances, and if there is mutual interest, Breakthrough may continue to provide services to early stage companies after they have successfully navigated the breakthrough period.

Do you provide funding for early stage companies?
Generally funding is already present prior to Breakthrough Development being retained, but we do help raise additional rounds of capital when necessary.

Why wouldn’t a company just hire a professional management team instead of retaining Breakthrough Development Company?
In order to attract a high quality professional management team a company must be able to provide a competitive salary and benefits package. Most early stage companies do not have the resources to provide such a package, nor is a professional management team necessary during early intensive R&D phases. Breakthrough focuses solely on companies at this early stage, and has built the expertise and contacts necessary to provide unique services to this client base. In addition, Breakthrough can flexibly offer management services on a contract and part-time basis, a desirable feature for cash flow challenged start-ups.