Breakthrough Development Company (BDC) provides strategic development services to corporate and nonprofit clients across the biotechnology and life science industries. Scientists with new compounds and investors alike have benefited from utilizing BDC’s expertise. Whether you are looking to assess technology or intellectual property, form a new venture, or just need assistance with business development or regulatory support, BDC can tailor our services to meet your needs. Leverage our expertise for the specific services you desire, or allow us to manage your venture virtually until such time as a professional management team is appropriate. Our flexible format allows early stage ventures the latitude they need to receive key services at key times during the creation and growth of the company.

Core competencies and areas of expertise cover:

Feasibility Assessment and Analysis
Company Formation and Operations
Business Development


Feasibility Assessment and Analysis Services
Billions of dollars are faithfully invested in life sciences R&D each year, yielding newly approved products, manufacturing processes, or scientific insights that create real commercial opportunity. However, analysts estimate that 70% of these investments have been unproductive, or as BDC believes, perhaps simply underutilized. BDC can perform thorough analyses of available technologies and potential commercial assets. Coupled with an IP and market assessment, revenue generating assets can be identified for commercialization or out-licensing. BDC also provides due diligence services for those seeking to in-license assets.

Feasibility assessment and analysis services cover:

• Detailed market assessments and due diligence
• Thorough valuation of intellectual property
• Technology analysis of the client’s assets versus those of others
• Commercial analysis to confirm or uncover new opportunities


Company Formation and Operations Services
Once the decision is made to commercialize an asset, many start-up firms are simply not capable of acquiring the necessary resources to successfully operate a viable venture. Often company founders are investors or research scientists who wish to focus on research and development within the laboratory, not running the day to day operations of a business. BDC specializes in assisting such companies with the formation and on-going operations of their venture. Let us provide the business acumen necessary to successfully bring your research efforts to market. Services include:

• New venture formation guidance
• Drafting of technical or business plans, including comprehensive budgets
• Commercial launch plan for multiple alliances and/or products
• Project management for product development or other initiatives
• Complete strategic management planning
• Interim management services


Business Development Services
Many start-up firms are focused on commercializing a product or technology, and have difficultly allocating the time and resources necessary to cultivate lasting business partnerships with key suppliers, vendors, or end consumers. BDC already has contacts throughout the life sciences industry, and can leverage these contacts to negotiate licensing/partnering agreements or provide key outsourced services your company needs. Our business development services help solidify commercialization strategies, and include:

• Licensing or partnership strategy, negotiation, and closing
• Product development and strategic alliance formation
• Strategic alliance plan with complementary biopharmaceutical firms seeking your venture's technology and/or product(s)
• Out-licensing execution, technology transfer, or new venture formation for non-strategic assets


Regulatory Services
Biotechnology companies face a myriad of regulatory issues from agencies spanning the globe. New ventures require expert guidance to successfully navigate the sometimes turbulent waters of government agency approval. BDC’s vast industry experience can provide the support your company needs to develop products through regulatory approval. Regulatory services include:

• Regulatory strategy, planning, and execution
• IND preparation
• FDA compliance review and meeting preparation
• Government grants authorship

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